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Petrol price in germany

Our price comparison chart enables you to sort by country, and by diesel or petrol price. This is useful if you are crossing borders as you can easily see whether to fill up before leaving your current country or wait until you've crossed the border. If you're heading through Germany to Poland, wait until you.

A liter of petrol currently costs 1.75 euros on average nationwide, which is 3.9 cents less than in the previous week, as the ADAC announced on Wednesday. The price of diesel fell by 3.5 cents to an average of 1.928 euros. According to the ADAC, the reason for the current price decline is the lower crude oil prices.

Gasoline Price in Germany remained unchanged at 1.99 USD/Liter in June 2022. The maximum price per litre was 2.14 USD/Liter and minimum was 0.91 USD/Liter. Data published Monthly by Europe's Energy Portal.

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The recent decision by the German government to lower taxes on fuel means that, from June 1, petrol prices in Germany will be around 38 cents per litre lower than they are at Dutch petrol stations. Germany votes to lower excise duties on petrol and diesel. Last week, the German parliament, or Bundestag, voted in favour of capping excise duties.

Petrol price after recent revision a liter of Petrol will cost USD 232 per litre in Germany. As of February 22 2022 one liter of Super E10 or gasohol fuel cost an average of 174 euro cents. Germanys Dax has shed nearly 1 to 14418 while Frances CAC is trading 11 lower at 6428 and Italys FTSE MiB has lost 07 to 24202.

11. March 2022. Fuel prices in Germany continue to rise. This applies in particular to diesel fuel. This situation does not only worry consumers. The transport and logistics industry fears a wave of bankruptcies. According to data from the ADAC, the price of diesel has risen by a further 11.8 Euro cents in just one day.

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